4.7-Inch Apple iPhone 6 Photos Appeared

4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6

4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6

Apple’s latest smartphone the iPhone 6 is highly anticipated by it fans. Recently the latest leak appears that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 in two versions screen size, 5.5-inch screen and 4.7-inch screen. Cannot wait to wait for the launch to be held on 9 September 2014, appears a recent photo leak of the iPhone 6 which is for version 4.7-inch screen. There is no clear information on whether Apple will launch a version of 5.5-inch only, or 4.7-inch only or it could be both. Surely we have to wait until Apple launches their latest iPhone next week.

Seen in the leaked photos above, the iPhone 6 4.7-inch versions is rumored to be using a sapphire glass display with a resolution of 1706×960 pixels. For performance, the iPhone 6 is expected to wear the Apple’s new A8 processor (64-bit mobile processor), and comes with 2GB of RAM memory.

For the operating system, the iPhone 6 will certainly use the latest Apple operating system namely Apple iOS 8. Apple iOS 8 has many features, including a new updated fingerprint sensor, plus new front and rear facing camera.



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